Monday, September 14, 2009

Tribe Rolls On/Richmond Edges Delaware/CAA Still Strong

The Tribe notched its second straight win on Saturday, easily defeating Central Connecticut State, 33-14. Nearly all scoring occurred in the first half, which ended with a score of 30-14. R.J. Archer threw two touchdown passes, including a 21 yard pass into the back of the end zone to a leaping D.J. McAulay. (McAulay also hauled in a 48 yard strike to set up an earlier 17 yard touchdown pass to fullback Jimmy Hobson.) Jonathan Grimes led Tribe rushers with 80 yards on 19 carries. Jake Trantin (2 solo tackles, 8 assists), Evan Franks (4 solo tackles and 5 assists), Adrian Tracy (3 solo tackles and 5 assists) and Sean Lissemore (3 solo tackles and 3 assists) led a solid Tribe defense.

In other CAA action, number 1 Richmond edged Delaware, unranked in the Sports Network and Coaches poll last week, 16-15, before more than 20,000 fans in Newark. Look for the Blue Hens to jump into the top 20 based on this showing. I suspect Richmond will remain at number 1 but perhaps receive fewer first place votes.

No 9 New Hampshire, also of the CAA, defeated FBS opponent Ball State, 23-16, giving theCAA its fourth victory this year against and FBS team.

Here's a story about that game from a New Hampshire paper:

Number 6 JMU took Maryland to overtime but lost 38-35. Look for JMU to retain its number 6 spot. JMU's performance confirms that the best teams in the CAA can play "toe-to-toe" with several teams in the ACC, despite the latter's advantage in athletic scholarships given per year and other expenditures. Even before theNew Hampshire/Ball State and JMU/Maryland games, the CAA's performance against ACC and other FBS opponents last week led some, particularly the Richmond Times Dispatch, to wonder whether ACC teams would continue to schedule CAA teams in opening games, instead of choosing less powerful opponents. Currently, Richmond is scheduled to play Virginia, Duke, N.C. State and Virginia, in that order through 2014. William and Mary is slated to play North Carolina in 2010 and Virginia again in 2011. Here's the link to the Times Dispatch Story.