Thursday, April 22, 2010

Griffin Lands in Williamsburg

Some readers may know that William and Mary recently chose a new mascot, after a bruising competition. The five finalists were:

1) The Phoenix (a mythical bird that is consumed by fire every 10,000 years and then rises from the ashes);

2) A King and Queen;

3) The Wren (a type of bird);

4) The Pug (a type of dog);

5) The Griffin.

Your not-so-humble blogger supported a 6th possibility, that did not make the list of finalists, namely, the Wooly Mammoth, to no avail. Here's the Facebook page of that failed effort.

The Griffin, half eagle and half lion, recently visited the William and Mary Spring football game, played at Zable Stadium on April 16. A local celebrity paused to pose with the Griffin; the photo is reproduced above.

For an account of the spring game, see the following link: