Wednesday, January 5, 2011

William and Mary Griffin License Plates Now Available

You know you have arrived when Virginia's Department of Motor Vehicles offers to inscribe your likeness on a license plate (for a small fee of course). Juudged by this standard, William and Mary's new Griffin mascot, shown above with your humble blogger, has hit the big time! You can order the new Griffin plate here for a mere $25 premium over and above the ordinary cost of such a plate. The Griffin plates qualify as "revenue sharing plates." Thus, after the first 1,000 plates are sold, 60 percent of the $25 fee is allocated to William and Mary to support scholarships for Virginia residents. As a result, the DMV opines that a portion of the fee "may be tax deductible." (Consult your personal tax advisor for details.)
Not only is the Griffin a great mascot, he/she/it might also help reduce your tax liability! What more could anyone ask!