Wednesday, November 27, 2013

William and Mary's Board of Visitors Extends Taylor Reveley's Appointment

 Will Serve Until 2017 (At Least!) 
Applauding His Creator  

Late last week William and Mary's Board of Visitors unanimously extended W. Taylor Reveley III's appointment as President of the College of William and Mary in Virginia, through June, 2017.  The Board first appointed Reveley, pictured above, as President in September, 2008.  Several months earlier, Reveley, then Dean of the William and Mary Law School and John Stewart Bryan Professor of Law and Jurisprudence, had agreed to serve as Interim President, in February 2008.   The Board's announcement praised Reveley's leadership, particularly his focus on strategic planning, private fundraising, and developing a new and more sustainable financial model known as the William and Mary Promise that recognizes the College's status as a Public Ivy and Liberal Arts University.  This blogger thanks President Reveley for his past leadership and future service as the College's 27th President, following in the footsteps of Bishop James Madison and others. 

However, no one is more pleased at the Board's action than the William and Mary Griffin, pictured above.   It was Reveley after all who, when presented with five mascot options after a grueling search process, exclaimed "get me the Griffin," as recounted in this video.  The rest, as they say, is history.