Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Indy Racing in 46 Days !!!

The Indianapolis Racing League has announced its schedule for the 2009 season. The first race --- the Honda Grand Prix of Petersburg, Florida --- will take place on Sunday, April 5 at 2:00 PM on the VERSUS network. The 93rd Indianapolis 500 will take place on May 24 and will be televised on ABC. Here is a link to the league's website, which in turn includes a copy of the schedule. It looks like the VERSUS network will be televising the lion's share of the races, taking over the role played by ESPN II last year.

Note that Dario Francitti is returning to the IRL this year after a one year hiatus on the NASCAR circuit. Indy officianados will recall that Franchitti won the Indianapolis 500 in 2007 (I was there), and also won the overall Indy series championshio that year. Will he repeat this year ? Note that one of his chief rivals, Helio Castroneves (of "Dancing with the Stars" fame), is still listed as a member of Team Penske, despite his troubles with the IRS.

Photo is of Tony Kanaan, couresy of cmakin on Flickr.