Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top Selling Cars, Whoops, Trucks !

Still Number 1 !

According to our leaders in Washington, Americans are pining for more fuel efficient ("green") automobiles, particularly in light of the record-high gas prices over the summer.

Why, then, are the two best selling "cars" in the USA actually trucks ?? That's right -- in 2008 the Ford F-150 maintained its position as the best selling vehicle in the USA. The Chevy Silverado Truck finished second, with the Toyota Camry (yawn) coming in third. The Dodge Ram truck finished 9th.

Note that even the Camry does not have stunning gas mileage --- only 21mpg in the city, the same as a Chevy Tahoe hybrid ! Soon Chevy will release a hybrid version of its Silverado Pickup, in the Crew Cab variety, which should also replicate the Camry's gas mileage. If Congress requires Detroit (or, actually, Ontario --- where they build more cars than Michigan) to build more "green" automobiles, will Americans buy them ?? Or, will they continue to pay a little more in gas for the safety and aesthetic value of a pickup truck ?